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Security Proposal Automation

A major North American security firm provides proactive and intelligent video monitoring technology for indoor and outdoor assets. As they diversified their operations into multiple business verticals, their sales team generated complex, custom sales proposals for potential clients. Proposals generated from word processing software and spreadsheets-based pricing calculators meant uncontrolled access to pricing calculations.

They needed a harmonized approach to quickly generating quotes that reflected accurate pricing and outputted in a uniform, digital format.

Automated Proposal Creation

Distilled built an integrated platform that allows account executives to easily build complex pricing scenarios, equipment lists and seek manager approval. The application features automated PDF proposal generation, so potential clients receive uniformly branded proposals with no chance for an outdated template.

Project Pricing

Account executives can easily build complex pricing scenarios, equipment lists, and seek manager approval. Managers have access to business metrics reporting regarding employee and market performance to allow for iterative improvements to their offerings.

The application is integrated with Salesforce, providing frictionless integration with the firm's end-to-end sales process. Proposals and project pricing are linked to opportunities, so that project metrics are available through both applications, from a single source of truth.

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