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Donation Receipt Management

Live for the Cause (LFTC) is a Montréal-based charity that supports causes at the local grassroots level. With donations coming in from multiple payment providers, LFTC needed a way to manage the generation, storage, and emailing of tax receipts.

Distilled created a donation management application for automated tax receipt generation and donor/donation tracking - accessible from anywhere, using any device. The application allows for central consolidation of donations through one payment processor and automates the process of provisioning certified tax receipts for donors. A robust audit trail means LFTC meets CRA standards for record-keeping. Donors benefit by having a record of their tax receipts made available online – making tax season easier for everyone involved.

Application screenshot Application screenshot
Application screenshot Application screenshot

Simplified Actions

Distilled's solution replaced time-consuming, manual processes with easy, one-click actions. LFTC staff can easily preview and send donation receipts via email to multiple recipients. Emails, cover letters, and receipt templates can also be customized for their different campaigns, such as their annual Gala.

Mobile Accessibility

LFTC's remote staff needed the ability to check-in and perform actions on the go. The solution's mobile experience is tailored to ensure full functionality on mobile devices, allowing the LFTC team to do things like sending and review donation receipts using their phones.

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