Project: Office Supply Order Management

A Toronto-based office snack & beverage supplier delivers full kitchen solutions to offices across Canada, carrying over 1000 beverage and snack options as well as brewing and drinking water systems. With hundreds of customer sites, each with a unique set of products and instructions, they needed a way to make sure each kitchen was kept fully stocked at all times.

Spreadsheet Overflow.

Spreadsheets worked while the number of kitchens was small, but became difficult to manage as the supplier's customer base grew. Without any access controls, there were too many opportunities for accidental changes to critical data. Administrators had to manually keep track of which restocking orders had been processed and which hadn’t, and errors were becoming frequent.

The Solution.

Distilled built an intuitive application that allows employees to manage orders, products, and customer location information - accessible from anywhere, using any device. The application allows service reps to easily perform tasks like creating restocking orders, while giving administrative staff the ability to see the status of each order and make changes if necessary.